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Japanese to English translation [Dec. 3rd, 2008|10:46 am]


The direct expression of today’s economical system could be interpreted as mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal. What we have been doing today is to carry out the economical development by continuous acts of poisoning the planet, spending all the precious resources. This system is all inconsistent not only with the principle of sustainable development and intergenerational ethics, but also with the basic ecology determination of protecting and preserving environment. Neither does it bring genuine richness nor satisfaction.


Hello, this is my first trial.  My translation is far inferior to the poster's.  But if you ever find errors, please correct them.  Thanks very much.

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Train logo confusion [Dec. 13th, 2007|03:10 pm]


Express train logo: Is it a goat or a deer?

A rail fan from Sapporo has recently alerted company officials at JR East that the logo on the front of the Kamoshika (meaning Japanese goat) Express trains that run between Aomori and Akita "resembles a deer" based on a picture he took of one of the trains.

The Kamoshika train began service in 1997 along with the Akita bullet train, and the logo in question was created that same year by a company affiliated with the JR Group. The Kamoshika, which is registered as a natural cultural asset of Japan, is actually scientifically closer to a cow than a deer despite having "shika" (meaning deer) in its name.

The person who took the picture and alerted JR said "It's clearly not a kamoshika because the horns on this animal are long and branch out in different directions, unlike the horns of a kamoshika which are short and straight." The picture was later showed to an animal breeder at the Sapporo Maruyama Zoo, who said the animal depicted in the logo "is just an illustration so I can't know for sure, but it does appear to have the proportions of a deer".

JR East's Akita branch says the logo affects the train's image and therefore will not be changed. "The logo was designed to craft the image of the Kamoshika Express as a fast train, so it is not necessarily a perfect depiction of the kamoshika animal." They said they will keep this fact in mind in the future.

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First Try [Dec. 11th, 2007|11:18 am]


Kerosene aid to start in the north by the end of the year.

A kerosene-purchasing assistance system targeted towards lower-income people in the northern regions will be starting at the end of the year, the government pledged on the 10th. The system is designed as an urgent measure to counteract the effects of the sharp increase in crude oil prices. Originally, the use of funds was going to come from the 2007 revised budget to be presented at the first diet session of the new year, however it has been deemed that a swift measure is necessary in the case of a disaster or other special financial needs arising.

The object of the aid program is to assist people who provide for a household but are below the standard income line like the elderly and single mothers. Municipalities will distribute vouchers for a discount on kerosene which will be covered by taxes provided by the national government. Payment methods for similar urgent support measures for small businesses will be considered based on the revised budget next year.

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